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Common Pests

Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp Commonly found under the eaves or overhangs of our homes. Normally a beneficial insect that feeds on other insects. They are protective of their nesting area and their sting can be quite painful.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee A beneficial insect that supports our food chain. However this bee can be very aggressive if the colony has become “africanized” They can also cause problems when they use our structures to live in. If a bee colony has adopted your home as their own, control measures are appropriate.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs In the last few years, bed bugs have made an exponential resurgence. Bed bugs can be flat or round shaped. They are about the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs are very good at hiding in small cracks or crevices. Good places to inspect for them include: mattress folds, box springs, behind headboard, electrical outlets, baseboards, end tables, drapes, etc. If you have or suspect you have a bed bug infestation, call us immediately. We can also develop a monitoring and protection plan for your home or office to help prevent future infestations.

Black Widow Spide

Black Widow Spider These spider can be found inside and outside of the home. The female spider has the most obvious markings associated with this spider. The bite from the female is usually more intense than that of the male. The bite is seldom fatal but is unpleasantl.

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider Also referred to as a “fiddle back” due to the dark shape found on top of the spider. This spider is reclusive and hangs out in seldom disturbed areas. This is one of the hardest spiders to control and requires an extensive treatment plan. The bite from this spider can result in an open sore and be quite dangerous..


Tick & Tick (Engorged) A problem for those with pets and anyone walking through a tick infested area. Another pest that can have large populations. Pets must be treated as part of the control program. Treatment of the yard is essential and indoor treatment may be required.ons.

American Roach

American Roach These roaches are found in damp,musty areas such as basements, crawl spaces and sewer lines. This is the largest roach found in our area. Typically found in commercial facilities but can be found in homes

German Roach

German Roach When you see 1 there are typically hundreds unseen. This roach has reproduction down to a science. Their numbers can quickly escalate out of control. Requires more than 1 service to control. They can be found anywhere, inside microwaves, clocks, telephones, stoves, pictures, stereos,etc, etc.

Oriental Roach

Oriental Roach The most common roach that we treat for. Often referred to as a water bug. Quite often found in kitchens, bathrooms and garages. When a light is turned on in the middle of the night they can run like an Olympian. They love our cat and dog food or any other food source we provide.


Fleas Usually a problem for people with pets. Must keep animals treated. Their populations can explode during times of rainfall. Hard to get rid of once they are established. Vacuuming is essential to any control program.


Crickets Who can sleep with a constant chirping all night long? These guys show up in late summer/early fall and make quite a nuisance of themselves. Outdoor lighting can have an effect on cricket infestations. Call us if you want to be chirp free!


Silverfish This is a tough insect to control. They reside in attics under the insulation which is not readily accessible. Homes with wood shake roofs have larger populations. Can feed on wall paper paste, book bindings, clothing and even dandruff. They have been around for millions of years and will continue to survive

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites The termite that munches on any wooden structure in the Panhandle. They live in colonies in the soil. They are a social insect and have distinct castes, workers, soldiers and reproductives. This insect is persistent and requires detailed treatment strategies.

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant Although not as destructive as termites in our area, they do cause damage to wooden members in our structures. This ant requires more detailed treatment than normal ants and each infestation has to be dealt with dependent on location and severity.


Earwig Loves to live in organic matter found around our homes. Can come inside via small cracks and openings. This is a nuisance pest that we don’t like in our homes

Odorous House Ant

Odorous House Ant This is the ant we get the most calls for. They have large colonies with up to tens of thousands individuals. These ants are very persistent and can show up in great numbers after a rainfall or dramatic change in climate. Most home owners call after they have done battle for weeks and months. The longer they have been there the harder they are to control. It is a must to treat inside and out with the proper products

House Mouse

House Mouse A commonly found intruder in our homes. Keeping all cracks and small openings sealed is a must. Control measures include lethal traps, live traps, glue boards, and baits. Take control measures as soon as possible, since mice can reproduce quicklyty.


Rats The Norway rat and Roof rat are the most commonly found. Control measures are the same as those for mice, though they are more of a challenge. You want to keep rodents of all types away from your home since they and their parasites carry many diseases.

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